PRESENT • Volume 001 – January

(2018•Beat Tape•digital)


Beginning in January 2018, I've been making a one minute beat every day. I posted a video with the track and the artwork on Instagram every day, and collected the results into monthly collections on my Bandcamp page. Here is January!

STAY FROSTY (close relative of Whole House Freeze)


Introducing the follow up to and second instalment of 'Whole House Freeze', my production series which is a little part beat-tape, the most part original production, and every part cold heat to the fullest degree. Maybe it's the stepson of 'Whole House Freeze'... Cousin even... Certainly close relative. 

Following on from where I left off with part one, I've made a new batch of hefty permafrost melters with huge influence from blues, African, psych, funk and straight up rugged hip hop production - effectively every angle of what I love and can't get enough of. So in some ways this is as much for my headphones as it is for yours! 

BUCK 65 @ THE KNITTING FACTORY (Buddy Peace-produced instrumental backing)


Back in 2008 I was asked by Buck 65 to construct a whole instrumental set from scratch, for him to perform over at the 'Anticon 3rd Annual 10 Year Anniversary' show at the Knitting Factory. 
I produced it all using a few instrumentals and a whole bunch of source samples I had, and remade a bunch from scratch of which no instrumentals previously existed.
If memory serves, I think I used the original beats for 'Indestructible Sam', 'Bandits' and 'Blood Of A Young Wolf', but added a lot of extras to those. Most the rest of the set was pretty much built from a few samples of Buck's original tracks and then added to with my own sample choices or remade from the ground up with the originals. I kept it as organic as I could, without just being an arrangement of pre-existing instrumentals.


Indestructible Sam • Wicked & Weird • Way Back When • Style #386 • 463 • Wooden Matches • Roses & Bluejays • Pen Thief • Pubic's Tube • Hot Lunch • Bandits • Blood Of A Young Wolf • Pack Animal • Centaur

THE MIDDLE OF THE WORLD (Moonlight soundtrack beat-tape)


My dedication to a wonderful movie, and an equally wonderful soundtrack. I remixed the score itself and most of the incidental music to create a full on beat-tape and salute to the film and source material.

Huge shouts and props to the director Barry Jenkins and the composer Nicholas Britell, and naturally the incredible cast. I'm so glad Moonlight exists, and I hope you enjoy what I have made from the music. 

SEAFARING STRANGERS - PRIVATE YACHT (Mansion And A Yacht beat-tape edits)


This is my beat-taped version of the Numero Group compilation 'Private Yacht', which is a really lovely set of soft, melodic pop and rock with a kind of private press feel to it. Really sweet stuff all the way through, and I found a lot of potential bump in there which is what led me to make these remixes from the originals.

Bump this in your vessel of choice and feel that blissful breeze relax your very soul.

Production•arrangements•edits•programming•master•artwork•everything else: 
Buddy Peace



Welcome to WHOLE HOUSE FREEZE! This is my part-beat-tape, part-EP, whole Buddy Peace production. 
Somewhere nestled in between complete reworkings/total rewirings and original production/programming, I restructured and rearranged some of my forever favourites and a couple of undercover goodies and smothered them in sweet, burning desert dirt. I then buried them deep in the ground and built an ice-house on top and here we have the conclusion... 
Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly give you 'Whole House Freeze'. 
I do hope you enjoy. 
Stay frosty. 

Production•arrangements•edits•programming•master•artwork•everything else: 
Buddy Peace

BUDDY PEACE & BUCK 65 – Studebaker


Way back in 2009, Buck and I set about creating a project based entirely on words and drums. Among fire, earth, wind and water, words and drums are basically two of my favourite elements. I started things off on the 15th of April that year by sending him a rough sketch containing a ton of drum programming and breaks, combined with some little verbal obstacles for him to manoeuvre and play with. He sent back a vocal demo and it was stone cold killer from the beginning to the bitter end. Brutal. Since then, plates filled up or got increasingly hard to spin/juggle, and this humble project lounged in the garage under a sturdy dust jacket, hopefully awaiting a future unveiling...

I managed later on to wrench the acapella out of the demo, as I was fiending to crank it all up again as it always sounded ill as hell to me, and I really wanted to play it to people! So, after some fine tuning and wheel balancing (and further car analogy tweakage) down the line, here is our freshly painted and road-ready beast, hungry for the open road and with a worn out cassette melted into the stereo. A mere seven years later, we proudly present 'Studebaker'! Please enjoy. It gets heavy. You'll like it.




(2017 • digital single)

In 2016 I was fortunate enough to cross paths with a truly amazing singer songwriter from Australia, proudly performing under her government name Ange Takats. Her songs are really observant, detailed slide-frames, with humour and melancholy fighting for exposure at the surface but with a ton of subtle goodness to discover long after. We worked on a lot of bits and pieces in the last half of 2016, and this is the first of our collaborations - she kicked it off with a rough iPhone demo, to which I added drums and additional elements and here is where we found ourselves. We have a lot in store - we very much hope you enjoy where we take it...


(2016•full length album•LTD CD/digital)

My 70+ minute album constructed from Thai/Bangkok sound sources and samples, mixed with my own field recordings from there and Laos. A heavyweight diesel serenade to an incredible part of the world!

Released as a digital album, a limited edition CD in handmade packaging with 10 collector card designed by me, and a six video Youtube series filmed entirely in Laos.

TOM W8S – Donkey Kong Variations

(2014•Tom Waits 'Mule Variations' in 8-bit•CD/digital)

I remade 'Mule Variations' by Tom Waits layer by layer in 8-bit/chiptune style, note for note according to the original sheet music. I took artistic license on some of the solos but on the whole it's as accurate as I could make it. 'Donkey Kong' replaces 'Mule' in line with the arcade style and fashion and animal breed and there it is.


(2015•full length mixtape•tour only CD/digital)

Full on mix heater with cuts, edits, blends and exclusives through just shy of 40 minutes.

Expect heavyweight domecrackers and drumskin crawlers from...

B. Dolan / Steve Reich / Ty Segall / Step Brothers / Flying Lotus / Candi Staton / Madvillain / Danny Brown / Big Business / David Crosby / Sage Francis / Adrian Younge / Serengeti / warrenpeace / Jenny Lewis / Don Cherry / Little Barrie / Bibio / Aynsley Dunbar / Can / Scientist / Brightblack Morning Light and more...

Artwork / Handclaps / Banjo / Clicks / Breaths / Mix / Arrangement / Scratches / Edit / Master by Buddy Peace

FALLEN HOUSE, SUNKEN CITY - Remix Instrumental Beat-Tape

(2013•The Desert Session Remix Instrumentals•tour only CD/digital)

I remixed B. Dolan's 'Fallen House, Sunken City' in its entirety, with an intense array of headfuck drums, sludgefest guitars and desert-scorched drama as a new backdrop. 'Fallen House...' is one of my favourite hip hop albums of recent years, originally produced by Alias, and it was a true, vast pleasure to get up to my neck in sand and dust with this set.



Follow B. Dolan: @BDolanSFR • Follow Strange Famous Records: @SFRupdates


(2008 Strange Famous Records•debut Buddy Peace solo album•digital)

My first solo production album for Strange Famous! 14 tracks of chops, edits, drums, grit, sun, snow, air, fire, water, gasoline. All the essential elements.

Buy and stream direct from the Strange Famous website.


(2014•Miles Davis two-part ultramix•deluxe DBL CD/digital)

My 'ultramix' of the entire 'Bitches Brew' / 'On The Corner' sessions by Miles Davis.

I disassembled every single track and reassembled the 4200 chops into 2 x 30 minute productions. The first part is 'Sons Of Bitches' - the Bitches Brew sessions megamix. The second is 'Ten Horn Core' - the On The Corner sessions megamix.

It took a minute but I enjoyed every single second, and every single sample chop. I hope you enjoy this one!


(2012•Muddy Waters / Howlin' Wolf ultramix•digital)

'Electric Mud' and 'The Howlin' Wolf Album' are pretty much perfect to me. I could happily sit and listen to both on rotation for longer than would be considered regular or healthy. I have done just that on many occasions, in fact.

So with this in mind, my instinct to dissect and forensically examine the music I truly love was too hard to resist and ultimately, this led to what you have here. These are two albums that to me, if I may put them in a modern perspective, bang relentlessly and thoroughly in every way and I love them so hard. It felt like it would be too easy to just snatch straight up loops from them (although that would sound wonderful of course), and I had the thought of making some re-edits in some way or another, but I decided on reconstructing them both and blending them together in that way.

This is produced from well over 750 chops of both albums combined.

If you haven't yet heard 'Electric Mud' by Muddy Waters, or 'The Howlin' Wolf Album', I cannot recommend them highly enough. Try and find them on vinyl if you can- trust me. If not, get yourself the CDs. If you are already familiar with both albums, I hope you enjoy what I've created from them.

Every chop made with care and respect / every step programmed with love.


(2014•Wu Tang Clan replayed on childrens instruments•cassette/digital/installation)

This is my submission for the 'Wu Tang Is For The Children' exhibition!
In keeping with the theme, I remade Wu classics on kids instruments. Here's the tracklist:

RAEKWON: 'Ice Cream'/ WU TANG CLAN: 'Wu Tang Clan Ain't Nuthin Ta F' With' / RAEKWON: 'Guillotine (Swordz)' / OL' DIRTY BASTARD: 'Shimmy Shimmy Ya' / METHOD MAN: 'Release Yo Delf' / WU TANG CLAN: 'C.R.E.A.M.' / GRAVEDIGGAZ: '1-800 Suicide' / WU TANG CLAN: 'Protect Ya Neck' / GZA: 'Liquid Swords' / WU TANG CLAN: 'City' / WU TANG CLAN: 'Uzi' / WU TANG CLAN: 'Da Mystery Of Chessboxin' / GHOSTFACE KILLAH: 'Daytona 500'

Instruments used:
music box / water / tambourine / mini tambourine / clicks / claps / kazoo / 8-bit noise generator / stylophone / Yamaha keyboard (x2) / ukelele / saucepans / kitchen knives (with adult supervision) / toy piano / Speak N Spell / paper / sound effects keyring / unidentified keyboard / maraccas / shaker egg / cowbell / xylophone / triangle / recorder / finger cymbals / finger tambourine / melodica (x2) / whistles / footstomps / snare drum / hums / rainstick ...and more...

All praises due to Wu Tang Clan. Wu Tang Forever. I hope you enjoy.

B. DOLAN - House Of Bees Volume 3

(2015 Strange Famous Records•production & cuts•CD/cassette/digital)

The final part of the mighty trilogy, which started all the way back when in 2009. I produced a good grip of the tracks on here, along with some goodness from B himself which would presage his 'Kill The Wolf' album nicely, and we came up with a ton of headnod-ready bumpers and solid heaviness for your Dolan enjoyment. Features the jump-off 'Natural Born Trouble'.

B. DOLAN - House Of Bees Volume 2

(2012 Strange Famous Records•production/cuts/mix•CD/digital)

The heavyweight second installment of the HOB palace. This one features our remake of NWA's 'Fuck The Police' called 'Film The Police', 'Still Here' and 'Which Side Are You On'. Some full on Dolan staples right here and a slammer of a set from start to end. You can't lose.

B. DOLAN - House Of Bees Volume 1

(2009 Strange Famous Records•production/cuts/mix•CD/digital)

The mixtape that spawned the hive and officialy brought me and the King Bee together! This has 'Joan Of Arcadia' (the version you will have heard at B shows), 'Open Letter To Justin Timberlake' and some full remixes of jams you will have heard along the way and on various Strange Famous and Sage Francis projects. Pure killer. Get involved on the ground floor!

B. DOLAN - Fallen House, Sunken City (Buddy Peace 'Desert Sessions' remixes)

(2013 Strange Famous Records•album remix production•CD/digital)

My sunbleached stonersludge freakout dedication to B. Dolan's stunning album, with the original vocals and my remix layers to drag the whole sucker through the desert by its ankles.


warrenpeace - SDR007

(2014 Speech Development Records•production/arrangement•CD/digital)

'warrenpeace' is my good friend Warren Borg (aka Worgiebeats) and I. He provides the 'Warren' and I provide the 'Peace'. We've been making music together since 2012, and this is our debut album, released on Scroobius Pip's 'Speech Development Records' label in 2014. We toured with B. Dolan as a band and as part of B's backing band at the end of 2014 on the Speech Development Records tour, and released our 'Work' mixtape in February 2015. ENJOY! We make noise.

warrenpeace - WORK mixtape

(2014 self released•production/arrangement•CD/digital)

This is the tour only mixtape/beat-tape, which we initially sold direct on the Speech Development Records tour at the end of 2014. We were supporting B. Dolan, and played as part of B's band in the main show. 

It's a set of original productions, which we channeled our energy and spirit into and basically made a bunch of beats that we would like to hear, mixed in with bits and pieces from our album 'SDR007' and a loads of extra treats and niceness. We wanted it to take the shape of something you might hear on the radio, late at night, fumbling for a cassette to record on and then bump on your walkman. Something along those lines... 

I laid out most of the drumwork and rhythms, with Worgie layering up the guitars, and both of us all up in the labs thereafter, arranging and meddling.

Bump this relentlessly. 

warrenpeace (Worgie & Buddy Peace)


(2013 Strange Famous Records•all production & cuts•CD/digital)

The official follow up to Prolyphic's 'The Ugly Truth' album, which I produced from top to bottom including cuts. Mixed by Alias and mastered by Daddy Kev.

Options available to buy the digital and physical versions from the Strange Famous website.

WORKING MAN Instrumentals

(2013 Strange Famous Records•full album instrumentals•CD/digital)

All of my instrumentals for the album in full. Same information as above!

PROLYPHIC & BUDDY PEACE - Kraftwerking Man

(2013•my remix album of 'Working Man'•digital)


I always had something in mind for some kind of alternate version of our album, some kind of remix/blend project... I wanted to make it in a certain frame though and have some kind of concept - and when the 'Kraftwerking Man' title hit me all the smoke disappeared and that was my concept. Kraftwerk are true pioneers and I love them dearly, and I've always wanted to get dirty with their back catalogue so this was the ideal chance. And Pro sounds ill over their music so it worked out great! This is every track on 'Working Man', along with a bonus dub at the end. Get the free DL from the Strange Famous site.

PROLYPHIC & BUDDY PEACE - Business As Usual/Death Of The Boombox (featuring Sage Francis & Metermaids)

(2013 Strange Famous Records•production/scratches/typography•7")


The super limited 7" single from the 'Working Man' album, featuring 'Business As Usual' on side A and 'Death Of The Boombox' on side B. Slammers! See if they have any left at the store...


(2012•beat tape•cassette/digital)

Introducing 'Hot Pudding'! This is a beat-tape I put together around the start of Summer 2012, consisting of a bunch of brand new productions, some re-edited remix beats and a few other exclusive treats that won't be available elsewhere. It's a 60 minute project, with the warmth and comfort of a good old fashioned bowl of hot pudding served with some headfuck drums for sprinkles.

Frequent, Coarse / Steamer Trunk / Dead In The Whip / Crowd Work / Freeway, On Fire / Full Shoulder Shrug / Merrill Lynch Mob Deep (Beat) / Dimplecooch Interlude / Ultrapelham (live) / Goldbach's Conjecture / Sweet Butter / Punksuckle / Apartment Grease / Burny / We Good?

Drum Sect / Embarcadero / 808 Recurring / Assemble Your Crew / Afeared / Glawsse / [Drink] Yr Milkshake / Hide Your Things / Curb Appeal / Hum Along Summer


(2013•beat tape•digital)

Introducing 'Stop Smiling'! This is my follow-up to the 'Hot Pudding' beat tape, which continues on the rails of troublesome drums and meddlesome edits and layers. I heated it on the final output too so you should feel some nice warmth in there. I sure hope so. For a listening environment, I'd go with an hour long walk out in the city with this on your headphones. But for goodness sake, would you be careful of traffic. Just don't die, is what I'm saying. Fair enough? Fair enough.


"...I used to roll up / this is a hold up, ain't nothin' funny / stop smiling..."



(2011•100 x 60 second productions•handmade boxset/digital)

This is a project I started back at the end of 2010, continuing into 2011, where I made a sixty second long track every single day, fresh on the day, for 100 days. The name is basically me talking to myself - when I got past, say, 30 days I'd often tell myself this... "You know, you don't have to do this..." Well, I DID have to and for the final set I made 25 boxsets, including all tracks over 4 CDs, a customized toy car, a 'Holy Chrome' cassette (a previous project), a bunch of slides and such, and a personalized sixty second beat for each customer on a 3" CD. The box was assembled and decorated individually by me. So much fun. Buy or stream the set in the links above!


(2015•beat tape commission•digital)

A collection of uptempo production I made for the homie Prolyphic, back in around 2013 or so. He was filiming and editing an alternative workout video and hit me up about making the music for it. Picture that Rocky training montage but with a lil' headband and perhaps a little slower paced and less aggressive - no - okay MUCH more aggressive - and that was me in the labs preparing this.

There were 12 separate pieces originally, but this is all of them in a kind of mixtape format, brushed up and heated for a more straight up beat-tape style.

(the 'BUY' link will ensure you receive the highest quality download, while the 'STREAM' link is the free streaming listening version)


(2007 Strange Famous Records•10 minute beat tape•digital)


My first release on Strange Famous, like a sub-release before my debut 'Late Model Sedan'. Basically a 10 minute beat-tape, highly edited and with some hefty beats on there... Bang it.