I’m very proud to shout about the new jam from Eric and I, on the awesome Gold Robot Records! A low key late night swirl, lit with a city-light glow for your bumping enjoyment. Digital out now, VERY limited vinyl coming soon!

Podd Deep Volume 6!

In volume 6, I’m recommending ‘Super Duty Tough Work’ - an inspiring, positive and very entertaining music industry podcast presented by veteran rappers/producers Blueprint and Illogic. Focused on hip hop, it also goes on tangents but it’s honest, informative and 100% very ill. ENJOY.

I have a Patreon page!

It’s a place where I’ll be delivering little treats and exclusives to those who join up, with the option to get exclusive handmade cassettes and CDs too.

Have a peep, see what you think and you get an exclusive full length mix if you sign up. Cheers! X