PODD DEEP Volume 7!

‘Pod Bible’!

This week I’m using my podcast recommendation method to recommend a podcast recommendation method! ‘Pod Bible’ launches on February 4th, physically and digitally, and to my mind is the only physical podcast platform, so I’m extremely excited to see it take off. Such a great idea. Hear why in volume 7 of PODD DEEP! Go ‘head!

My ‘PRESENT’ project is complete!

On January 1st 2018, I released my first of 365 one minute beats. The goal was to put up a beat every day for 2018. All beats are now present and correct, and you can listen to and buy all 6 hours 25 minutes of new music on my Bandcamp page! The project is DONE!

Physical versions are coming - details will be posted - but in the meantime, all digital volumes are available.

I humbly and truly appreciate all ears and eyes on this project, and I thank you for checking in with it.


I have one! You can chip in, or buy home-made, hand-decorated goodies in very one-off style and just for you. Have a peep. I’d be immensely appreciative.


I’m very proud to shout about the new jam from Eric and I, on the awesome Gold Robot Records! A low key late night swirl, lit with a city-light glow for your bumping enjoyment. Digital out now, VERY limited vinyl coming soon!