I hit samplers. I make beats. I DJ. I produce podcasts.

• First record: Opus - 'Live Is Life' 7" (1985)

• First memorized rap: Slick Rick & Doug E Fresh - 'The Show'

• Second memorized rap: Public Enemy - 'Bring The Noise'

• Favourite rap year: 1993. Also 1994.

• First DJ name: 'DJ Chronic'. Then 'Breakmaster B'.

• DJ since: 1993 • Beatmake & Drumthumbs since: 1997

• First sampler: Yamaha SU10 • First turntable: Soundlab DLP3

I've worked with Strange Famous Records in the US, and Speech Development Records in the UK as half of warrenpeace.

I’ve also produced and DJ’d for Warp Records and Lex Records.


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