Podd Deep Volume 2!

This week I’m featuring ‘Griefcast’ and ‘Mental Illness Happy Hour’ as a mental wellbeing double bill. I don’t even scratch the surface of what I could have talked about or wanted to express, but made efforts. I hope it’s of interest anyway and shines a light on a couple of ace shows that are worth peeping.

New Blog • ‘Podd Deep’!

I’ve started my new podcast blog, which will be a home for recommendations, reviews, archive bits and all things podcast. I’m only one post in so BEAR WITH ME! It’ll be ace though, I promise. I talk about the ‘Dissect’ podcast, first up, what I am calling “the 33 1/3 of podcasts”. Enjoy!

I have a Patreon page!

It’s a place where I’ll be delivering little treats and exclusives to those who join up, with the option to get exclusive handmade cassettes and CDs too.

Have a peep, see what you think and you get an exclusive full length mix if you sign up. Cheers! X