Khruangbin Beat-Tape

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Late Model Sedan

Golden Bangkok Guest

Sons Of Bitches (Miles Davis ultramix)

Stay Frosty beat tape

Whole House Freeze beat tape

Tom W8s - 'Donkey Kong Variations' (Tom Waits in 8-bit)

The Middle Of The World (Moonlight megamix)

Buddy & Muddy & Wolf

Wu-Tang Is For The Children
(Wu-Tang on kids' instruments)

Mansion And A Yacht (Numero Group remix-tape)

Wolf Diesel Mountain

Buddy Peace & Buck 65 - 'Studebaker'

Fallen House, Sunken City
(Desert Sessions remix-tape)

Ange Takats & Buddy Peace – 'Riverside Rearview'

B DOLAN•House Of Bees Volume 1


•Evel Intro•House Of Bees (remix)•Paid Dues (remix)

•Lucifer (2nd half)•Heart Failure (remix)

•Sea Legs (remix)•Joan Of Arcadia (remix)

•One Breath Left•Dear Lefty

•Survived Another Winter (remix)

•scratches / overall blending

How we kicked the trilogy off… Killer right here.

B DOLAN•House Of Bees Volume 2


•Still Here•King Bee

•Film The Police (Fuck The Police remake)

•Which Side Are You On•Bad Things•Colony Collapse

•100 Bars For SFR•Come To Jamaica•Graceland

•scratches / overall blending

Part two right here, featuring the modern update of NWA’s ‘Fuck The Police’, made from scratch, and the classic ‘Which Side Are You On’. Tons more goodies within too!

B DOLAN•House Of Bees Volume 3


•Caretaker (2nd half)•Natural Born Trouble

•Honey From A Bee•The Devil Is Alive (remake)

•Soldier Boy (remix)•State Trooper (as warrenpeace)

•The History Of Atlantis•You Can’t Win

•scratches / overall blending

The final part of the mighty trilogy, which started all the way back when in 2009. This would presage his 'Kill The Wolf' album nicely, and we came up with a ton of headnod-ready bumpers and solid heaviness for your Dolan enjoyment.

Working Man

Working Man (instrumentals)

Kraftwerking Man

B DOLAN•Fallen House, Sunken City
(Buddy Peace remixes)

Hot Pudding
(full length beat tape)

Stop Smiling
(full length beat tape)

You Don’t Have To Do This…
(126 x 1 minute beats)

Live show backing for Buck 65

Tremor Seminar
(beats for workout video)

WORK mixtape
(Buddy Peace & Worgie Beats beat tape)

warrenpeace - SDR007

(2014 Speech Development Records•production/arrangement•CD/digital)

'warrenpeace' is my good friend Warren Borg (aka Worgiebeats) and I. He provides the 'Warren' and I provide the 'Peace'. We've been making music together since 2012, and this is our debut album, released on Scroobius Pip's 'Speech Development Records' label in 2014. We toured with B. Dolan as a band and as part of B's backing band at the end of 2014 on the Speech Development Records tour, and released our 'Work' mixtape in February 2015. ENJOY! We make noise.

PROLYPHIC & BUDDY PEACE - Business As Usual/Death Of The Boombox (featuring Sage Francis & Metermaids)

(2013 Strange Famous Records•production/scratches/typography•7")


The super limited 7" single from the 'Working Man' album, featuring 'Business As Usual' on side A and 'Death Of The Boombox' on side B. Slammers! See if they have any left at the store...


(2007 Strange Famous Records•10 minute beat tape•digital)


My first release on Strange Famous, like a sub-release before my debut 'Late Model Sedan'. Basically a 10 minute beat-tape, highly edited and with some hefty beats on there... Bang it.