My new podcast ‘Buddy’s Buddies’ is now available!

Ep. 1: OCTOBER 4th • Ep. 2: OCTOBER 11th • Ep. 3: OCTOBER 18th

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“…A weekly snapshot of creative, inspirational and unique characters carving out their own fascinating paths in their lives.

Artists, healers, shop owners, musicians and MORE!

Join your host Buddy Peace as he ventures into the local networks and emerging creative hubs dotted around the UK and beyond!…”

I’ll be starting off here in Margate, as there is a seemingly infinite number of amazing and inspiring people to talk to, but let’s see where it goes from there…

I very much look forward to you joining me on the journey!

| I made some music for this amazing podcast… |

“…Jacob Hawley makes money from drugs.
As a stand-up comedian he tells jokes about his own recreational use. Now he’s exploring the scene in more depth, talking to people involved in all aspects of the drugs world…”

I produced some music for this podcast series going deep into the drugs scene, which you can hear in full over on the BBC site.

It was a really exciting series to produce for, and really nicely put together so if you get some time in your listening schedule, have a good old listen through the series. It’s really engaging and very well handled. Go peep!



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