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Woe Be Gone

Woke Mk1
(mixtape production)

Woke Mk2 (Welcome Popular re-up)
(mixtape production)

Vegas Nerve
(mixtape production)

A Crew Called Self
(Boomkat Select Mix #7)

I'm Okay Yr Okay
('Godcast' mixtape)

300 Seconds (Season 1)
(12 x 5 minute mixes)

300 Seconds (Season 2)
(12 x 5 minute mixes)

Cassingle Remixes
(remixes and re-imaginings)

Equinox Records Megamix
(megamix included in box-set)

Badbadnotgood & Ghostface Killah
(Buddy Peace megamix)

Atoms For Buddy Peace
(Atoms For Peace micromix)

Watch And Repeat Play - Warp Records megamix by BUDDY PEACE & 'ZILLA'

(2004 Warp Records•megamix production•CD/DVD)

The Warp Records megamix from 'ZILLA' (now known as King Cannibal) and myself. An absolute dream to produce, and we got through a huge chunk of the gorgeous catalogue. We used turntables and MPCs to make it (my part was entirely made using these - all mixed by ear and all tracked on the MPC 2000XL), and the tracklist is available on the link above. It's all out of stock now so peep the stream where you can.

PETE ROCK & CL SMOOTH - T.R.O.Y. (Buddy's 'Ils Se Souviennent De Toi' remix)

(2012•track remix production•digital)

Believe me, I don't take 'They Reminisce Over You' lightly... This is one of my all time absolute favourite tracks, hip hop or otherwise, and it's not something I'd just throw anything under or risk messing with it just for fun. So let me explain the beat in the background a bit first...

I was working on some things with Buck 65 from around 2009 to 2011-ish, and we got a lot done in that time. Some of it has come out (the Dirtbike albums, 20 Odd Years, and a few extra bits and pieces), and some of it just hasn't been possible to complete. I made some tracks for Buck to use in live performances, and I decided to go all out with the Amelie soundtrack composed by Yann Tiersen (who would later work with the god Sage Francis on 'The Best Of Times'). I edited it a fair bit and lined up some breaks and extras here and there, and got it all in line with Buck's 'Wicked And Weird', so all the verses and choruses would hit at the right times. I really wanted to play the beat to folks, I love the soundtrack so much and I like how this version turned out, and so I thought it would be a good chance to try and combine it with a carved-in-marble classic like TROY. So this is what we have here, with a few additional edits and tweaks on that beat I made for Buck.

Like I say, I know the weight of what I'm using, and the power of classics like this. I grew up listening to hip hop and revisiting my favourites constantly, and I hold this one sacred! I hope you like this version of it anyway, and that somewhere in the world, Pete Rock isn't shaking his head in disapproval. I'll settle for a 3 o' clock half-mast thumbs up...

PROLYPHIC & REANIMATOR - Artist Goes Pop (Buddy Peace remix)

(2008•track remix production•digital)

This was my submission for a remix contest held over on the Strange Famous forum, and I won!…t-winners/

This was the start of a long term super rapping combo of Prolyphic and I. An early days slammer.

NIRVANA - In Bloom (Buddy Peace 'UnGrohl' remix)

(2011•track remix production•digital)

I made this remix originally to play in my solo set on the B. Dolan tour, of October 2011. I just wanted to put Kurt over some rock hard drums and see what happened. All edits and remix work made with utmost respect and love, always. I only ever interfere and man-handle the music I love in the first place.


(2011•extended mixtape production•digital)

This is the exclusive extended 15 minute longer re-cut of my mix for Six Ton Armor, continuing where the original finishes. I also made a 2011 remix of my track, 'I Explode (Why Bomb, Why?)', from my album 'Late Model Sedan' (Strange Famous Records, 2009).

Here is my original write up for 'Go To Hell, Bastards!':

"...having made mixtapes since 1993, I’ve always tried to mess with the formula a bit each time and bring a little something different to each project. In keeping with the psych theme I took a more electronic path, and rather than make a blend of tracks I adopted a production approach. I took apart tons of old electronic tracks from the past half century and constructed a piece by piece ultrablend involving programmed splintered chops, effected slices and my own loops and riffs made from even more chops and slices. It took a little while but building up from nothing and watching the arrangement unfold was a wonderful process, and squeezing what I could from certain samples was a real treat. I adopted certain traits and traditions from psych rock production and stayed close to that road. The process of this production has led to a rough tracklist as opposed to a specific one, and it would be laborious to even look at what the tracklist for this would have been, but a few names I used for it include: Gyorgy Ligeti, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Raymond Scott, John Cage, Tangerine Dream & Edgar Froese, Jon Appleton, Young Marble Giants, Daniel Johnston, Pierre Henry, Frank Zappa, David Cope and so many more. I call this mix ‘Go To Hell, Bastards!’.

RALPH STANLEY meets MOGWAI - Hunted By Death

(2010•track remix production•digital)

A blend of Mogwai parts and a Ralph Stanley acapella. B. Dolan used this for the promo video for his 'Church Of Love And Ruin' tour.




A minimix of strictly Strange Famous which I made for the SFR website, and only available there - but it's all yours to stream at your leisure, so bump it loud at your nearest opportunity!

TRACKLIST: PROLYPHIC & REANIMATOR: 'Artist Goes Pop' • SAGE FRANCIS: 'House Of Bees' (feat. B. Dolan)PROLYPHIC & BUDDY PEACE: 'Death Of The Boombox' • CECIL OTTER: '1999' • B. DOLAN: 'Earthmovers' • SCROOBIUS PIP: 'Let 'Em Come' Redux (feat Metermaids, Sage Francis, Cecil Otter)METERMAIDS: 'Bad Things' (Redux) • SLEEP: 'Intro' • DAN LE SAC vs SCROOBIUS PIP: 'Gold Teeth' • SAGE FRANCIS: 'Make Em Purr' • BUCK 65: 'The Outskirts'

THE REIGNING MONARCHS - Buddy Peace dub remixes

(2011•dbl remix single•digital)

The Reigning Monarchs are a surf/ska/rock n' roll band from the LA area, fronted by the all round brilliant comedian (and sick guitarist) Greg Behrendt. We spoke about making some dubbed out versions of some of their existing tracks and I delivered remixes of 'Lion & Bones' and 'Jonny Mac' (the original of which being the theme for Greg's old podcast 'Walking The Room'). I encourage you to check their material - truly solid and lush design, click HERE to peep!


(2011•promo megamix•digital)

I was invited by Kelpe to construct a megamix of his incredible archive for the release of his new work in 2011, and I edited and diced up his back catalogue and re-stitched the whole thing together with the pieces. Stream or download from his Bandcamp page!

BUCK 65 Megamix

(2007•promo megamix•digital)

I had an invitation to construct a Buck 65 megamix for the release of his awesome 'Situation' album. I went all the way in and hit my Buck archives and dug deep to sew this one together. It was based on the 'Situation' album for the most part but I included a ton of old goodies and exclusives. Heavy. Peep the Soundcloud page for a tracklist.

Here's what Buck said!

“I was walking around listing to music in my headphones and something came on I hadn’t heard in a while. It was this mega-mix-thing that Buddy Peace made for us a few years ago, right before Situation came out. Sweet Jesus, it knocked my socks off. I had forgotten how great it is and was reminded of the genius of Buddy Peace. The man is a beast when it comes to putting mixes together and it’s so unbelievably flattering when it’s your material he’s working with.

So! In that the mix is made up of highlights from my catalogue and was sculpted by the master, Buddy Peace, I’m now going to say that this is my favorite Buck 65 thing of all-time. This is it! It thrills me to listen to this sonofabitch. So if you haven’t heard it in a while either, or if you’ve never heard it at all, you’re invited to check it out right now…”


(2012•full length mix for 'Monday Jazz'•digital)

I made this mix for the Monday Jazz site back in 2010. It's a weighty jamboree containing remixes, re-edits and all manner of savagery throughout which you can stream or purchase on my Bandcamp site.


(2006•Bully Records/Bully Projects•ltd 7")

I made this megamix for Bully Records upon invitation, back in 2005. It was made using all the Bully back catalogue on my MPC2000XL, with a few external effects and such. It was released on 'Bully Projects', with artwork and mastering by Sixtoo (now known as Prison Garde). 
It was a pleasure to make. 
I used to bump Bully Records a LOT. 

Catalogue number: BP001


(2009•podcast mix production•digital)

A podcast I made for Strange Famous, in the thick of the sunny and frosty Surrey Winter. Mixes made inside, with narration from ya boy on the outside into a dictaphone, Twin Peaks style. Word to Diane. 

Exclusives, goodies, remixes, blends, all kinds of good stuff (including my Neil Young 'Turnstiles' remix and tons more).

JACKAMO BROWN - When She Comes (Buddy Peace remix)

(2012 Speech Development Records•track remix production•digital)

My remix of this gorgeous folk track from Jackamo Brown in promotion for his album 'Oh No! The Drift Of The World'. A real pleasure to make, and you should peep the whole album. All the way nice.

Obituary Medicine

(2006•podcast mixtape•digital)

This is a mix/podcast I made for the Rhythm Incursions website ( It's not one of my usual mixes, more of a radio show kind of format but I edited the tracks and made some remixes for the cause. There are a few exclusives in there too (or at least, at the time they were exclusive!). This is also the first podcast where I spoke too... Nervy voice and all. I covered it in effects though. Have fun!

•'Introductory Column' sequence [Broadcast, Yo La Tengo, Gravenhurst, Mice Parade & Buddy Peace]•Love As Laughter - 'In Amber'•Karate - 'Bass Sounds'•'Neighbourhood Watch' sequence [Buddy Peace and Lucasse]•Cul De Sac & John Fahey - 'Nothing' / Tom Waits - 'What's He Building In There'•Liars - 'Front'•The Evens - 'Everybody Knows'•The Herbalizer - 'It Ain't Nothin' (featuring MF Doom) (Andrew Broder remix)•The Shins - 'Weird Divide' (Buddy Peace re-edit)•Magnolia Electric Company - 'Farewell Transmission' (edit)•'Maverick Axe Training' interlude by Buddy PeaceSubtle - 'The Mercury Craze' (Buddy Peace remix)•Dave House - 'Death And Taxes'•The Dead Texan - 'Aegian Airlines'•Stars Of The Lid - 'Requiem For Dying Mothers, Part 2'•Scout Niblett - 'Kidnapped By Neptune'•Halo Benders - 'Bomb Shelter (Part 2)'•Fugazi - 'Afterthought'•Smee & Lonan - 'No Cars Go'•Arcade Fire - 'No Cars Go'•'Yeah I Got Some Last Words...' sequence [Tom Waits, Broadcast, Coma Emilio & Buddy Peace]•The Black Keys - '240 Years Before You Were Born'•The Gentlemen Losers - 'Salt Of The Sea' (Buddy Peace remix)•Sebadoh - 'Spoiled'

CARLO & BUDDY PEACE - Commonwealth Kids

(2006•co-produced mixtape•CD+7")

This is a mix produced by Carlo and I, which began in 2005 and was finished in 2006. Carlo started, sending me a section of the mix on CD, and after letting that sink in for a bit I began my section. We went back and forth sending CDs to each other in Canada and the UK over the next year and ended up with a solid and admittedly pretty insane mix! We released it on CD which was accompanied by a 7" produced by Carlo. More info on the link above!