B. DOLAN - Kill The Wolf

(2015 Strange Famous Records/Speech Development Records•scratches & additional production•CD/DBL LP/cassette/digital)

B's absolutely immense follow up to 'Fallen House...', 5 years in the making (of course with House Of Bees parts 2 & 3 coming along in the interim) and goddamn the wait was truly worth it... I provided scratches on 'Lazarus' and 'Stay Inspired', and additional production on 'Graffiti Busters' and 'Jailbreak' (which was based around an Aesop Rock remix of mine). I joined the European leg of B's tour in Autumn 2015 as support and backup and it destroyed. Go get yerself some eh...?

SAGE FRANCIS - Sick To D(eat)h

(2013•production & scratches•cassette/digital)

I produced 'You Can't Win' (with B. Dolan - an Epic Beardmen joint!), 'Breaking 2Bad' (my Breaking Bad-themed remix of '2Bad') and 'Origin To Descent'.

I also scratched on 'Viva La Vinyl' and 'Blue'. Go cop that.

SAGE FRANCIS - Viva La Vinyl/EPIC BEARDMEN - You Can't Win

(2014 Blunt Force Trauma•scratches & production•7")


Side A is 'Viva La Vinyl', by Sage (with scratches from me), and side B is 'You Can't Win' from Sage and B. Dolan as Epic Beardmen (which I produced). This edition has artwork from Inkymole for maximum loveliness.


(2011•short film soundtrack collaboration)

One of a few collabs from me and Lucasse aka Andrew Telling, with myself on MPC1000 and additional layers, and him on instruments and pedals. Watch the film HERE!


(2011•short film soundtrack collaboration)

One of a few collabs from me and Lucasse aka Andrew Telling, with myself on MPC1000 and additional layers, and him on instruments and pedals.

METERMAIDS - We Brought Knives

(2014 Strange Famous Records•scratches•CD/cassette/digital)

I scratched on 'I'm Alive So Everything I Own Is My Lucky Everything' (featuring Sage Francis & Prolyphic).

BUCK 65 - Neverlove

(2014 Warner Canada•scratches•CD/DBL LP/digital)


Alias and DJ Mayonnaise produced the track 'Gates Of Hell' and I scratched a firey collage at the end. Hellish.

BUCK 65 - 20 Odd Years

(2010 Warner Canada•scratches & edits•CD/DBL LP/digital)

I provided cuts on the wonderful 'Gee Whiz' (I wrote a mini verse and found the words the scratch to put it together - it was kind of epic) and the apocalyptic 'Zombie Delight', and scratched/edited on 'Lights Out' for some fun curse word edit action. It was wild.

BUCK 65 - Dirtbike series

(2009-2010•production & scratches•digital)

I had a few parts to play on Buck's 'Dirtbike' trilogy, which were all released as whole hour long tracks and were quite tough to navigate, but were fantastic projects all the way through.

I produced the intro's and the tracks 'Not I', 'Lucifer', 'Coast Is Clear', 'Bury The Music', 'No Way Out' and cuts on 'Cool Kids Can't Die'. Probably more but they're the main ones. You can hear my instrumentals above.

BUCK 65 - Avant Volume 1

(2010 Warner Canada•scratches•7"/CD/digital)


The first in the singles series from '20 Odd Years'. This contained 'Gee Whiz', which I scratched on.

BUCK 65 - Avant Volume 2

(2010 Warner Canada•scratches•7"/CD/digital)


The second in the singles series from '20 Odd Years'. I scratched on the non-album track 'The Niceness'. A lot of fun!

BUCK 65 - Avant Volume 3

(2010 Warner Canada•scratches & edits•7"/CD/digital)


Third in the 7" series, with 'Zombie Delight' (I scratched on it) and 'Lights Out' (I scratched on it and provided editwork throughout).

B. DOLAN - Fallen House, Sunken City

(2010 Strange Famous Records•scratches•CD/DBL LP/digital)

I scratched on the dark and murky 'Mr Buddy Buddy'. It felt appropriate.

2MEX - My Fanbase Will Destroy You

(2010 Strange Famous Records • scratches • CD/digital)

I made a West Coast-centred scratch endtro on 'What You Know About' (featuring Prince Po).

SAGE FRANCIS - Sick Of Wasting

(2009 Strange Famous Records•production & scratches•CD/digital)

I produced and scratched on 'Needle', and scratched on and co-produced 'Pump' (co-produced with Reanimator). Strange Famous in the building. Mixtape style and fashion.

NOAH23 - Fry Cook On Venus

(2011 Fake Four Records•scratches•CD/digital)

I scratched on the track 'Old Dog' (featuring Ghettosocks), which you can peep above.